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Crystal Black Masterbatches

We offer crystal black masterbatches to improve the aesthetic performance of plastics and extend their useful life through premium ultraviolet (UV) protection .The industries that we serve include automotive, infrastructure, agricultural, packaging and many others. Our products and services support all processing technologies including all advanced extrusion and molding methods. Our black masterbatches have been formulated to meet application and polymer specific needs and are manufactured to exacting standards.

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Industrial packing plastic film for food products

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Production & Logistics

The equipment used to produce Crystal Black masterbatches is at the forefront of today’s technology. Special twin-screw compounders with gravimetric feeders, controlled by sophisticated computer systems, ensure:

  • The capability to produce masterbatches with very high concentration of pigments and additives, for ease of use and cost optimization.
  • The perfect dispersion of pigments, even for the most demanding applications.
  • The optimal rheological properties of the products.
  • The elimination of production problems during processing at our customers’ equipment.
  • The production and logistics system is highly flexible and can ensure fast response even to special requests and small batch sizes.

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Masterbatches are produced with LDPE, LLDPE, PP, PET  and other carriers for a variety of processes and applications, including agricultural & packaging films, bags, pipes, fittings, nets, tapes, fibers, cables, blow-moulding, injection-moulding, roto-moulding, thermoforming etc.

3d render of abstract atom array. Science chemical background. Atom connection concept. Crystal cell.

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Product Features

A closeup of a granule of plastic polymers or chalk polymers on a blue background.

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Product Selection Index

Industry/Application Key Performance Requirement Key Suggested Product Dosing Rate
Agriculture Pipes & Films LL LD PT (%)
Drip Irrigation Pipes UV/Weatherability
Surface Smoothness
Surface Smoothness
Thermal Resistance
LL 5170
LL 5270
LL 4130 A
LL 4420 A
Geomembranes, Geotextiles, Mulch & Silage Films UVWeatherability
Mechanical Strength
Tear & Puncture Resistance
LL 4420
LL 4130
LL 4130 SP
Pressure Pipes
Organoleptic Pipes UVWeatherability
Physical & Chemical Cleanliness
Mechanical Strength
LL 4120
LL 4220
Engineering Plastics
Car Interiors, Computer, Cabinets etc. Jetness
Surface Smoothness
Mechanical Strength
LL 4320 4-6
Pipes & Moulded Goods
Non Regulated Pipes & Consumer Products Color
Surface Smoothness
Mechanical Strength
LL 5160
LL 5260
LL 5161
Fibre Application
Synthetic Fibres Color
Filterability & Spinnability
Blue Tone
LD 3420 PT 3120
PT 3220
Semi- Conductive Application
Wire & Cable Jacketing UV/Weatherability
Surface Smoothness
Cleanliness & Consistency
LD -3150
LD 3250
LD 4350
PT 3120
PT 3220
General Purpose
Films Sheets, Water Tanks etc. Color
LL 4262
LL 3264
LL 2265

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